About the project:

  • Company: Eko
  • Genre: Interactive Ad
  • Brand Partnership: Coca-Cola
  • Target audience: Millenials, comics nerds
  • Release date: February 2016
  • Platform:

About my work:

  • Position: interactivity artist
  • Design work: gamification, UX, tutorial

This project is an interactive ad based on the Coca-Cola 2016 Superbowl ad. While the original ad is a linear piece made for TV and featuring Marvel superheroes, the interactive version developed by Interlude allows the user to switch to a humoristic "real life" version of the commercial, where a grown man is playing with toys.

On this project, I was in charge of defining the interactions and how they would be presented to users. The challenge was to make the concept of a clickable video easily understandable for users who had never been exposed to this kind of technology before. Thus, I designed simple controls (tapping anywhere on screen) and interface (an icon with simple instructions) to on-board the audience easily and maximize the number of interactions with the content.

The interactive commercial was launched at the same time as Interlude's consumer-facing platform Eko and contributed to bring the first layer of engaged users to it. The concept was further used in a short interactive 5-episode series called Toyz, unfortunately inaccessible today.

What I'm proud of:

  • The engagement rate doubled the expected results
  • Meaningful interactivity added new value to existing content

What I learned:

  • How to design and iterate on interactive content based on an existing linear piece
  • How to address non-gaming users and make them engage in interactions
  • How to maximize production value in design in an very short timeline