About the game:

  • Company: Gameloft NYC
  • Genre: Tycoon, zoo
  • Target audience: Women 20-50 (main), kids 5-12 (secondary)
  • Release date: April 5th 2012
  • Downloads: 116+ million

About my work:

  • Position: Game designer
  • Design work: content design, quests, social features, game documents, UX
  • Other work: localization file, presentations

Ice Age Village is one of the most successful Gameloft games of all time, released early 2012 and in the Appstore top grossing for over 1 year.

I've worked on the first seven updates for the game, including major social gameplay additions, hundreds of new items and missions and the brand-new dinosaur-themed expansion.

My tasks included: mission design, maps layout, development of new multiplayer features and content design (new animals and environments).

On this project, I worked closely with developers, artists, writers and the marketing team, where I communicated daily with Gameloft teams throughout the world (Romania, Mexico, France, etc.).

What I'm proud of:

  • The success of each new update and DLC based on the new content designed
  • The retention & monetization increasing constantly over the first 6 months
  • Some of the content I designed is still being used in current updates!

What I learned:

  • How to design and implement new content for updates and DLC
  • How to design meaningful social features based on the category of players
  • How to work with teams across the world