About the project:

  • Company: Eko
  • Genre: Trivia
  • Target audience: Millenials, music lovers
  • Release date: June 2016, 10 episodes
  • Platform: www.helloeko.com
  • Webby Awards 2016 Nominee in the Best Use of Interactive Video category

About my work:

  • Position: interactivity artist
  • Design work: gamification, UX, controls, game mechanics

Mind Blown is an original Eko trivia series in which players must match a song to the corresponding music video... If they don't, someone's head will explode! Each question has a time limit, and they need to think fast to save the various characters. The game originated as a partnership between Warner Music and Eko, in order to showcase music videos in an interactive format.

I was in charge of defining game interactions that would use the Eko tool to create interactive videos, and invite user to replay and share their experience. As one of the first "gamified" projects of the company, it became the most successful in-house project to date. A total of 10 episodes has been released, in which players can test their knowledge of various genres of music.

Each episode also includes 10 achievements to unlock while playing. As I was designing the early iterations of the Eko achievements feature, I also specifically created 10 achievements per episode, or 100 in total.

What I'm proud of:

  • 10 interactive episodes released simultaneously
  • 100 achievements designed, with a successful reception from the audience
  • A viral concept that contributed to users discovering the Eko brand

What I learned:

  • Introducing game mechanics to a product made a non-gaming audience
  • Iterating on the design with full-motion video assets
  • Working with restrictions due to the video format and production